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About Us

We are passionate about high-quality coffee and outstanding Home-prepared delicacies. We could just say we are passionate: about people, about our local community, about life and good food. With Italian origin and Italian energy, The Coffee Room is the beginning of the amazing adventure that brought up the whole Room concept, with The Pizza Room (then rooms) the Bakery Room (then a bigger bakery 

room), a Pasta room and… anything the bright future will bring us. Now that we made our Home our of our Room, we are perfectly happy only when we can take care of guests visiting us, as all good things are better when shared. And surely because it makes us proud, as we are a bit of a show-off. What are you waiting for to meet us?

Why the Room?

The first way to look at why we are called The Coffee Room is by noticing that the tiny space resembles a room. Could be, even if quite spacious for London standards. But also, a room is the first space where e a kid can and start projecting his world upon the walls. Could be a poster, an inspiring quote, a drawing or, why not, even a blank wall – used as a protection whilst reading and dreaming in bed. Either way, the room walls become a screen to finally play our own tune. And the tighter the walls of a room, the wider the imagination of a creative mind can fly. And just like kids, creative we are. And indeed we have energies. So, when we think about the Room, this is a meaning we prefer. The cosy, personal space where everything starts. We added our touch and built the home of our dreams, we worked together, discussed with wide hand gestures, and made it grow genuine, personal and, let us tell you with pride, beautiful. And since we feel comfortable, we love to invite friends over into our family. As what else is a room, if not part of a caring home?

Our Products

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New food menu

“No grandma, I don’t like lasagna. Yes, but you’ve never tried it the way I make it. But what’s the difference, A lasagna is a lasagna! Oh no, I’ve prepared this one for you with so much love!” As Grandma would make it. With love. Home prepared, from our Chef...

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Our Shops

Mile End

075 4734 3493
6a Grove Road,
London, E3 5AX

The Coffee Room Mile End is where all the buzz started. 2015. Under Pamela’s and Awet umbrella, Gaia, Benny, Sara and Giuseppe started preparing the coffee you love, painting the walls of the room with their dreams, running back and forth to the bakery next door to fill up the spectacular display we still put in front of you every day.

The original passionate spark, the enthusiasm, the spirited stepping and smiley chit chatting that some of you have called the Italian buzz, is still with us. It is said it still resonates throughout the walls of our Mile End shop,  as archaeological proof of our origin.

Surrey Quays

020 3643 9509
237 Lower Rd, Rotherhithe,
London, SE16 2LW

Our second shop. If in Mile End the Coffee Room and the Pizza Room are few steps away, here we can say they are Roommates. In Surrey Quays our love and our delicious products are condensed in one shop. But forget about the Pizza for now.

The Coffee Room Surrey Quays is beautifully displayed, spacious (our biggest room so far!) and has been recently refurbished and stylishly decorated with amazing paintings. Whether you are up for a delicious brownie, some breakfast, a sandwich, our New Pastas, perhaps some Pizza and atop-quality coffee with a sweet treat, come and find us, the choice is plenty. The only struggle is to make up your mind in this amazing variety. No big issue, one thing doesn’t exclude the other and you can always come back for more!


020 8694 9942
24 Deptford Broadway, Deptford,
London, SE8 4PA

Our baby Coffee Room with an inviting seating area. Newly open, is making its appearance on the scene. Supervised by the older brothers and sisters in Surrey Quays, we consider this lovely corner shop a piece of our heart thrown out to conquer the world. We are happy to become your so longed local coffee shop and excited to make you try all the sweetness we are capable of!

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