New Menu

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You can find an interesting read in our menu of our new food range: “As Grandma (or Nonna) would make it”. That does not only indicate that is an Italian, home-made and tasty menu (which it is!): Gnocchi, ravioli, Lasagna, Polenta, tasty buns and a variety of good starters, from Burrata cheese to Bruschetta, Salami & Cheese boards – and yes, bruschetta needs to be accompanied by an Aperol spritz or a Gin & tonic, and we can do that!). That said, it also implies that it is made with the same secret ingredient that every Nonna in Italy, but probably everywhere, puts into the dishes they prepare. An ingredient we put in all our preparation, in our work and our service, that we have learnt as fundamental in the kitchen as in life: yes, it’s love.  And you can’t find it in any other Coffee shop and rarely outside your home. And love keeps things together and make them beautiful.

If you wish to enjoy a diner with us, we are now keeping our doors open till late! 9 PM to be exact ? Don’t forget to look at our Garden and keep updated on the latest news. See the drinks menu – See The food menu