New Menu

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You can find an interesting read in our menu of our new food range: “As Grandma (or Nonna) would make it”. That does not only indicate that is an Italian, home-made and…

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About us

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The Coffee room Mile End is where the heartbeat was first born. In 2015, under Pamela’s and Awet’s umbrella, the family began to flourish with Gaia, Sara, Giuseppe & Benny…

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Why the Room?​

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It’s really very simple; the space resembles one of A Room. Its tiny, petite, cute, adorable whatever word that is in alignment with these words. We also just so happen…

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What do we do?

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At the Coffee Room, we are professional coffee makers. 90% arabica, strong flavour, prepared carefully for you with a touch of good home baked Sweets. We knock next door and…

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Afternoon tea

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Follow the white rabbit. Sit and relax, the tea is served. It’s always 5 o’clock, as the white rabbit would know and always time for a good chit chat in…

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New seating area

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Dreaming bigger. The family is expanding, our Pizza cousins are working hard and our Bakery will soon be expanded and ready to experiment more recipes. We’d like to keep you…

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New food menu

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“No grandma, I don’t like lasagna. Yes, but you’ve never tried it the way I make it. But what’s the difference, A lasagna is a lasagna! Oh no, I’ve prepared…

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