About us

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The Coffee room Mile End is where the heartbeat was first born. In 2015, under Pamela’s and Awet’s umbrella, the family began to flourish with Gaia, Sara, Giuseppe & Benny where they firstly started preparing the coffee you all love whilst jumping back and forth into ‘the Room’ next door to get the delicious brownies the Baker would make for us.

The purpose behind the coffee room was to create an EXCITING, ENERGETIC, BUZZING, COSY atmosphere for the community can stay connected and be part of something extraordinary. As our leader, Pamela Tironi is of an Italian heritage touch of authentic Italian attributes was an indirect effect of the space. Anyone and everyone is welcome to our little Italian family home. When you come round you may be introduced to some authentic polite swearing in the background. It’s part of who we are. We are a family that is a little bit dismantled.